The Story

My Approach

I walk around taking in the wonderful planet and life we’ve been given, and it breaks my heart to watch some of the horrendous things we try to do in order to ruin it in search of money. It always comes down to money and greed when the environments affected. Fortunately we have some big hitters that really care about the environment and rather than talk about the bad, I spend my time blogging about all the great things going on and generate awareness for that instead. There are plenty of moaners to cover the problems so thanks to them I’ll enjoy a positive outlook. Sorry if that’s selfish and not fair but, life’s not fair and I think I do enough writing about the great eco tech I come across.

My Story

The story is real simple, this world is getting hot and it isn’t a game we got to get on top of this because I don’t know if fossil fuels will all be burned out before the temperature of Terra is beyond repair as well as the ozone and a whole bunch of other crazy stuff we need to get full control of.

Meet me.



I like a little cover online because there are some real crazy people and I don’t know if some of the stuff I say is going to land me in trouble one day. I try to keep it real simple and positive but occasionally the disasters can get the better of me and I just have to write about them.

The Idea

If you guys know anything about eco tech that I miss or haven’t blogged about yet then now is the time to say because this sites really getting traction. It’s totally not for profit so don’t email me asking will I sell something it doesn’t work like that. I see good I write about it that simple. You want to show me something then sure if it’s good enough I’m going to expose it for you, BUT we don’t do advertising, we can go to work for that. I have a great page for product reviews, it’s hard not to be commercial so no flaming please.!