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Solar Powered LED on the Market Today

Solar powered LED lights have taken over the market today.

Guys disclaimer ahead. This was written by a contributor to the website. The language ain’t my style and I do not endorse any of these products but you know we must be getting LED when we can to do the saving.

They are useful for lighting the path of your garden and to decorate the balcony of your home. These solar powered LED lights come in multicolour versions that charge up during the day and provide light during the night. The Solar powered LED lights have batteries that work for a couple of years.

The Market is full of a variety of solar powered LED lights. We have picked some of the best for you to choose from for your home, garden or balcony.

Philips myGarden Dusk Solar Powered Wall Light

Philips has always been the best when it comes to lighting. If you want to buy a solar powered LED with the brightest light, then Philips is the right option for you. The myGarden Dusk Solar Powered wall light comes with a big solar panel on its head which provides more light for 6 hours straight. This light offers subtle style and beautiful light at only £46.50.

Blooma Aurora LED Solar Stake Light

This model is a set of 6 lights, which are durable and well designed at an affordable price of £17.00. The best part about these solar powered LED lights is that no fixing and wiring is required. These lights are recommended for driveways and gardens. The model allows you to choose the light colour from the changing settings. Each light has AA battery that is rechargeable.

The Solar Centre Lumify 300

This solar powered LED light model has 300 LED bulbs in it. It is on the expensive side as it costs £60 but is ideal for lighting up your garden in one go. The length of the line is 32m with lights at a distance of 10 cm each. The light features a winter power saving mode and is suitable for working throughout the year. Other than the solar charging feature, this model is chargeable through a USB port as well.

Home Solar Colour Changing Lights

This is a set of 18 solar powered LED lights that create a great effect wherever you fix them. The stakes are made of stainless steel and a big soar panel is placed on top of each ensuring bright light for long time. The main purpose of this solar powered LED light is decoration. The set comes at a price of £16.49.

Blooma Nessus Solar Garden Light

The Blooma Nessus Solar Garden light is available at a price of £6 which is not much as compared to other models. But looking at the price, we are sure that the build quality may not be good enough. You can always use this to highlight the edges of your garden. The LED bulb is enclosed in a plastic globe and can also change the color of the light.

Philips myGarden Dusk Solar Powered Post

Philips has a wide range of solar powered LED lights and this one is made for the purpose of lighting up a path or a garden. This solar powered LED is made with high quality aluminium which makes is lightweight and durable. This smart light comes at a price of £74.99.

Blooma Lelantos Blue LED Solar Deck Light

Another solar powered LED light by Blooma but this one is not as good as the other models. This light requires two days for charging. The build quality is great as the body is made of aluminium and stainless steel. No wiring or fixing required with this model. These solar powered LEDs are available at a price of £15.

Khara White LED Solar Stake Light: £8, B&Q

This solar powered LED are fixed with a stake and require no wiring as well. Great for gardens but there is no colour changing option in them. You can simply spike them in to soft ground and they will give you bright light for up to 8 hours straight.

All of these are nice, they are a little expensive though and certainly we must remember the most important thing to do is insulate the loft first. It’s crucial in our battle against global warming. There are no number of lightbulb replacements that will have the same effect as loft or cavity wall insulation, or draught proofing of our sash windows for that matter.

My personal preference with LED’s is the Philips range because I have bought them in the past and they really do last. I have never replaced one and they have now well surpassed the 30,000 hours usage minimum expected.

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