Eco Hacking

Save time and money with these brilliant google and apple apps

Have you ever wondered about sat nav? Is the real benefit the time we save finding a route or the environment when we can go the most direct path, reducing fuel costs, and cutting down on carbon emissions. Scarily large oil companies understood global warning decades ago and for fear of having my eco warrior blog ripped down I simply won’t mention names but that, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be hitting this info into Google and near on falling off your chair. That is to assume you haven’t already read or heard of the recent scandals in what I call a crime against humanity relating to global warming.

So let’s cool down and come away from the scandal and take a look at these apps. Being the eco warrior I am I just had to put two apps to the test. On my normal trip home from work I popped my destination into googles map and then let it drive me home. Interestingly it took me the same way I would. Now I can’t really say that’s surprising, I have been finding my best route home from work for years, but then actually it was surprising. Google already knew the very best way to get me home, speed wise, fuel consumption, and avoiding the traffic spots. That’s pretty amazing because we can easily assume that it would do the same for me on a random journey, making me aware of the area to the level of a local. That is a big thumbs up to Google and it is warming to know there are some good folk out there really trying to make a difference.

Now to the Apple built in map on my Iphone 7. Actually I bet right now your expecting to say it was inferior to Googles and that I prefer Google so much more after giving G the big thumbs up. No not at all. They both took me on the same route and this leads me to believe these guys are really slogging it out punch for punch to deliver the best user experience, and the brilliant bi product of this is the savings to the environment and my pocket. It really is a war of technology that is bringing real life benefits to the ordinary folk.

The comparison between the two, (ha come on you know I had to do it)! The comparison between the two is real tight but at the moment I think Google steals it because for me in my car, the speaker gives me enough warning to safely turn or make moves. The Apple app I found a bit sluggish and if I didn’t know my way I would easily miss a turning or two, and that’s fine but when we are thinking about the environment it’s not is it? OK so Apple has gotta work on the relevancy of its information say 30m earlier to compete with Google. By the way let’s just get this out there. This is totally my own view which I am entitled to and based on the route I drive. I don’t know if for whatever reason on that very same route Googles satellite is better placed than Apples? Seems pretty unlikely though doesn’t it given the relative tiny distances involved.

In summary both apps are relevant and both apps are bringing pocket savings as well as carbon footprints reduced. I recommend testing yourself and please feel free to post your results here because the larger testing audience we have the more data that we can rely on. Thanks guys, over and out.

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