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Guys it’s been a while since I posted and I was randomly surfing Youtube for government coverups and I’ve come across a real renewable energy shocker. I mean seriously gonna have you fuming. There’s this unbelievable guy who is trying to save the planet called John Searl. Now the fact you don’t know this name is a crime. This guy is has built an electric magnetic motor fifty years ago that runs and runs and runs and produces electricity with no force required. It is absolutely free energy. This is a crime against humanity. Take a look at a cool video of this guys tech in action.

So this guy has found a way to align magnets and once given an initial push the engine will not switch off because all magnets behind each other keep on puching each other in a continual loop until infiinity. This is unless we apply a brake to physically stop it. Now you’re thinking why aren’t we using this in a car? I know right, it is fu#### mad that this tech is being hidden and kept away from the public. The reason Elon Musk hasn’t been stopped is because there is a large outlay and then the cost of his tech and financing means your still in the kind of debt that keeps government in control. This however, would be infinity power for free and that is just too much of a risk to decentralise power. That is why you do not know this guys name.

I mean sure the guy is out there, just take a look at his wikipedia page, but he is not getting any public attention and they’ve even hid his English wikipedia. Do you not find it strange that a man who has done this and it’s been available for nearly 50 years is being kept so quiet. The junk reported in the news about renewable energy and this guy is no where to be seen. This is miles ahead of solar power or energy saving. This is quite shocking how a man can create infinite renewable energy and we don’t know him. The principal has a series of magnets that has a further series of magnets outside of it and this then creates a magnetic forcefield which can cause the object to levitate. This is no joke. Please feel free to take a look at the image below:

searl magnet motor

Tech that would free us and the planet from ruin.

Now as you can see it looks like the cog of a bike and it’s just a great big series of magnets that all spin together and cause an electrical current. Now if his theory is correct then you’ll know why all alien space ships are in fact circular discs. It’s a mathematical certainty they will be using this type of renewable energy for the purpose of time travel. If you imagine this tech and creating a magnetic forcefield around the ship, it might entirely remove the gravitational effect. Mind blowing stuff. Please do a bit of research on this guy and decide for yourself. Amazingly there are now other people trying to create his invention and I think it will get out pretty soon. We can only hope.

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