Eco Hacking

Everyone cares about the environment who is bringing it to our homes?

Guys, who is bringing eco tech to our homes? I mean the little people. Yesterday I saw one of the most inspirational things I think I’ve seen in the last decade and I’ve just got to blog about it. I was coming off the London Underground when I saw some guys working on a property with a great big van saying about saving the environment and get this done in every home. Yep I am gutted my phone was off I so wanted a picture of this for you but I did get the name of the guys. Eco Hacks are bringing the game to our homes big time. I just had to have a chat with the working guys. They told me they do a whole host of things to net save on carbon emissions through the home. They install loft insulation up to 100mm in depth first as part of their overall package. I asked why not thicker and the bottom line is this, the 100mm offers great value for money but beyond this the extra heat saved becomes minimal. There is no point in throwing down 200 or 300mm of loft insulation because it simply isn’t going to make all that much difference. Say your short on cash and you planned on really beefing up above your bedroom first – please don’t do it, spend your time working out how you can save money on fuel instead, it’s a far better use of your time. Take a look at this brilliant chart first which shows you exactly where you need to be in order to make this efficient.

I wasn’t kidding, how brilliant is that image at showing the returns dropping off at 100mm. So then these guys really know their stuff.

Next thing they do is evaluate the possibility of cavity wall insulation. They tell me the cavity is actually sometimes not worth filling depending on the circumstances and some homes shouldn’t do it. These guys are working flat out but I just had to ask for more information and so it turns out that if your in a coastal region or a home that is relying heavily on ventilation to keep moisture at bay it shouldn’t be done. The damage long term to joists and internal plasterwork simply isn’t worth the potential risks.

So ok what’s next? Well then it is draught proofing your sash windows and doors. Basically these guys have some help from professional carpenters on the occasions where a homeowner has the full package. The windows are taken out and little draft seals are pushed all the way around the outside of the windows and then the net aim is when all is finished there are no more air gaps and so the window becomes thermally efficient. The explanation is a bit shaky so if you want to know more I highly recommend reading this in depth explanation to draught proofing. The service isn’t cheap, it’s like £250 a window and then you’ve got ten windows, but i am told it cuts the energy costs at £30-£50 a window per year. My first question is like ok how long does this last where is the catch? Ten years!! What the f###? Why hasn’t every home in London had their sash windows draught proofed. The whole gig pays for itself in five years max, you enjoy cozy rooms, reduced noise, and no dust coming in the home. We gotta generate more awareness for this service and maybe even try to get the local government to start subsidising the costs of this like they will do with cavity wall insulation and loft insulation.

As part of the service these guys are also changing all light bulbs to LED but I wanna save that for a whole post on it’s own so keep an eye out that that coming up guys. Thanks and bye for now.

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