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Dumping Plastics

What the f### is this? How can we allow this kind of illegal plastic dumping on our society. This pictures really got me mad because I wan’t to know how no one saw this. Look closely you’ll see this isn’t one dumper, this is a whole host of vile people that have no respect for the environment or the wildlife in it. You can bet that the people that did this have no education, and no care for the next generation. People like this need to be educated in their actions.

Illegal dumping of this nature is catastrophic for environment agencies who are already over stretched. It will promote wild dogs forraging in bins, as well as smaller animals being caught up in the plastic mess, and this is not fair or acceptable. The scariest part of this is all is the fact that I can see waster here that should of been recycled and put back into circulation.

It’s quite clear we need more public bins. The cost of cleaning up after this kind of lack of respect for the environment must exceed the cost of supplying and emptying more bins. So let’s take a look. The government pays for bins, out of our taxes. The bins are filled, and then theres more possibility of recycling the waste and this is the circle we want. Not illegal lack of respect for planet Earth.

What to do if you see this kind of crime against humanity is simple. You make a sign saying if I catch you dumping like this I will pick all this rubbish up, I will then dump it in your front garden. Now have a think about that for a second, maybe that’s the kind of tit for tat that’s needed to educate the type that would do this to our planet.

Furthermore take a look in the background you can see homes. These people have that little respect they would pollute their neighbouring homes. If they can do that to their close neighbours I wonder what they would do in a scenario whereby they were capable of inflicting damage to people they don’t know and there were no consequences at all. I don’t want to be judgemental but you have to guess the type of person that would do such a thing is a criminal. After all by the very nature of the dumping, they are criminals in the eyes of the law.

Please report this type of behaviour, don’t allow it to go unpunished, and certainly do not turn a blind eye to it. The minute we tolerate this type of destruction, we pave the way for much worse. Human kind deserves better than this type of assault. The facts are simple, people who live like this will not live a long and healthy life. They will find disease sooner rather than later, and the lack of education shown here means they will be extremely unlikely to be able to afford the kind of healthcare to enjoy a good life. Rant over and out.

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