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Double glazing to reduce carbon footprint

It’s long since known that the environment is changing. Climate change is on us and it’s really real. There’s a brilliant new method I’ve stumbled on to reduce our carbon footprint – double glazing. In London it’s a well known fact sash windows are extremely draughty and rarely offer any significant protection from the weather. The single plane glazing is extremely thin and brittle due to it’s age. The best thing we can do with this sash window is re-use it and install a double glazed unit. The impact on the environment combined with a draft seal system is incredible. The window will save at least £70-£100 pounds per room in heating. That is an incredible saving of money and energy. It’s also testament to the significance of having your original sash windows double glazed.

It’s not just the heat benefit either, the carbon footprint drops, and we do our bit for the environment, and without even realising it we’ve added value to our property as well as improved the comfort because less noise pollution is allowed to come. If you’ve a home in London you’ll know exactly what I am talking about. Some main traffic routes are unbearable and a sensible double glazing in keeping with the original character seems like a sensible solution. The cost isn’t all that significant either. Typically a window will cost around £700. This seems like a lot but factor in the £100 a year savings and true payback is a possibility. This certainly is a zero cost solution to reduce carbon footprints and well worth considering. The other benefit not yet discussed is security as double glazing is two panes of glass as opposed to one, it makes breaking in all that much more difficult as well. There really are so many positives to this situation.

carbon footprint

Technically speaking the carbon footprint reduced is quite significant. If your whole house was to be sorted out then you might easily cut out double digit tons of Carbon Dioxide. This is really something serious because if every home in London did this, the implications on the environment would be extremely positive and help us on the way to stopping the two degree heat rise which will destroy low lying land around the world. It is interesting that in July it is expected that ice in the poles will slide into the sea in a big way causing catastrophic sea level rises, as well as damaging the already fragile ecosystem there.

These are all brilliant reasons why we would want to double glaze our sash windows. I don’t have the exact figure or in depth analysis and research, however there’s a few awesome places to look for the impact of double glazing on the environment. I would take a look at this write up by Saint Gobain on energy saving through double glazing whilst this is the best online resource that just got published explains carbon footprints reduced by double glazing and is by far the most relevant reading. There’s not a more comprehensive resource online to date that handles energy efficiency, carbon emissions, and the technical specifications as well as advice for period property owners.

Sash windows can normally be double glazed using the existing frames. It’s the original windows that keep this process vaguely affordable because if there was a need for entire double glazed sash window replace the cost might be in the region of £2000 per window, which offers no payback, and also increases the impact on the environment considerably more as the window needs making. This means new wood news cutting down and then more energy required to actually manufacture it. The whole process of double glazing is a great deal more friendly if it can be done using existing windows.

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