Hi there guys, this is me, sending my message out there and I hope someone gets it. I love the environment and all the technology between. I gotta start my opening paragraph below with a word on plastic bottles. Until recently they have been crippling the environment. Please if you do anything, read that first paragraph and act. Thanks!

We can now recycle a large proportion of bottles through our modern, eco technology friendly methods. The time of filling land, and waste sites is not over, but we are doing the very best we can to reduce the amount of rubbish that is not either recycled or re-used.

So guys for the love of god, do NOT be throwing out your PET bottles. We can actually put them back to good use rather than making more plastic damage to the world. O.K so, what’s a PET bottle? Bottles made of polyethylene terephthalate are PET. Now ok the technical I can barely pronounce it. Fortunately for lesser educated like myself they have a real simple sign. If you see this sign DO NOT throw it into a landfill:

Guys this sign you need to be looking for it like bees going out for nectar. This sign is the way we help get the environment back on track by sheer numbers. The amount of plastic we are making right now is off the charts and this is a way we can slow that rate considerably. I’ll save the technical mumbo jumbo but that sign means your bottle can be used or repurposed. If you do want a fascinating read on P.E.T go here. The plastic can be sterilised and then we can make something like carpet or food containers.

This is a serious breakthrough for our environment because until recently we didn’t know what to do with plastic our land fills are bursting at the seams literally!

OK major eco tech out the way lesser things we need to be doing of importance are as follows:

Don’t do drugs. No wait, that’s not about the environment thats in general.

OK so don’t drive 2 minutes to the corner shop to get the loaf of bread, you know it and I know it, pure laziness, bad for our health a 10 minute walk is great for us. The cost of the fuel, as well as the engine damage from starting cold for a short run. If your going to drive make sure you’re using google maps to get the best possible route to save fuel

It might be interesting to know I am not the only one mad on the environment. The new fashion is guys and girls just like us pushing for a better future and some have even made it their jobs to look after the environment Turn off the lights, and make sure we turn the thermostat down. I don’t wanna start trying to pretend I’m dad talking to the kids so let’s leave the generic stuff there we know what we gotta do but please, RECYCLE your home waste. Aluminium containers is obvious, plastic is now the new obvious, cardboard is a scary one we need to talk more about though. Basically when we grow a new tree and it gets cut down the pulp is used to make paper. Well theres some problems here. When a tree grows up it uses CO2 now we recycle, we make more carbon but no offset. Recycling paper means we plant less trees is where I am going with this but I am sure someones going to argue different.

There are some serious technology developments going on and Eon Energy Lab are pushing boundaries which means they get a special mention as they are developing renewable energy that has absolutely no impact on carbon output. It’s a completely clean fuel source and it appears we are suppressing the tech. Pretty depressing huh. If you don’t get the info your looking for here, these guys are doing it everyday and they have more resources to get the message out than I do. I found them randomly on the streets doing great things for the city of London. I am going to go to one of their workshops as soon as I have some free time so I will keep you posted on that in an upcoming blog.

Anyway lets start the blog already: